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  • Cupid Bag

    This is a mini bag of a rare fashion breed. With this, you don't have to bother about the weight of the bag because it is portable.It is built to have an inner fabric closing which allows a rope/line to be fastened around it. This line helps you tie the inner-fabric so that your belongings can be safe.
  • Gold Brown Bracelet (Customizable)

    Gold-Brown beads are the center of attraction of this 'wrist craft.'It appears with different mood on the skin regardless of your skin colour.Its sparks are so real you can mistake it for a 'raw gold.'
  • Boxy Bag

    Ever been confused of which bag will k*ll that dinner party, evening date, casual outing, wedding ceremony...?You're on your way to own just the perfect bag for many outing!
  • White Rectangle

    This Piece of elegance was achieved using a rare bread of beads. In a fantastic pattern, we made "her" handle more elaborate to give it a different look.
  • Lines Bracelet

    Beads comes in patterns, so does this. It appears very easy, yet very attractive. 
  • Slim Browny

    The idea behind this bag is simplicity. We made use of sparkling brown pieces of beads and steal handles; all fastened together with double lines to make it hold firmly.
  • Side Chick

    Largely, what was conceived before this time was a concept of having a "knit" that accommodates more files and it has appeared so.
  • White Conny

    Our White Conny mini bag is designed to stare looks when you step out into the public. Just imagine this Master Class hanged around your wrist to a dinner party? It doesn't have a zip but a rope/line fastened together after accessing.
  • Finger Pick

    Piece by piece, this "Blue-Bird" was formed with the simple intention of flexibility. As the name implies, we had it in mind to create a magic that makes everyone stare at you once you step out in the public. .
  • Customized Bold Bracelet

    From the best of beads and elastic lines, we've taken a careful process to knit this beaut together. This bracelet comes in two lines. One appears in gold colour while the other gives you an option of having your name customized on it just like you have seen in the product picture.
  • Brown Block

    In the build up to the design of this brown beaded bag, we imagined the look on a leather material before producing. The bead strands used for this bag looks strong and it beams when brought before immense light.
  • Diamond Block

    The Diamond Blocked bead-bag is made of lesser strands but bigger beads. It is made from the finest of bead produce. we have also made this arm bag so strong to stand the test of time.
  • Brown Rectangle

    Many bead strands with different colours but this is a brown-like bead bag which sparkles when brought before immense light. We have knitted this to fit all kinds of wears for ladies.
  • Stoned Tripled-Bead Bracelet

    The stoned tripled bead bracelet is carefully handcrafted with elastic to size most hands.
  • Beaded Light Beam

    This beaded bag is a rear pattern which fits on simple outings. As shown vividly, this is made possible after carefully knitting colourful (white) units of stones using a special line to form an aesthetic shape. A measurable amount of silver chain is used as a handle whilst a silver butterfly accessory is also attached to serve the purpose of a magnet.