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  • Blend Leather Slide

    Suede and Basket Leather, Leather-lining, custom-small-size buckle, maco and Leather Board; all in the union of first grade adhesive liquid, are the basic materials that bore this male slide.
  • Hermzy Slide

    Imagine when the need arises for you to change into something casual in your car and you get stock!Well! Male Hermzy Slide is Built to fit casual wears and we have selected the best shoemaking materials to stand any criticism you want to subject it to.
  • Yorka Ladies Slide

    Index finger Slide despite handmade beats many mass production products because its production had many craft-men on site. 
  • Culture Slide

    Culture Slide is one of the irregular slides you barely see around!Starting from the specially designed fabric which carries uniqueness. This fabric is laced upon a thick leather before sewing them together.
  • Suede Birkenstock

    Black Suede leather, leather lining, Birkenstock, sole material and quality adhesive liquid are the ingredients that cooked this.
  • White Slide

    Red lining, White skinned leather, pain white leather, premium, decorative accessory, adhesive liquid and white welted sole are basic materials put together to achieve this uncommon slide.
  • Simple-Stripes Slide

    Have you every felt the urge to be free? This feeling mostly comes when you have been wearing a complex high-heel, shoe, wedge sandals  or you just feel like I need to appear casual today!" I bet this will serve you beyond "satisfactory"
  • Relax Slide

    In achieving this Craft, we used a plain leather and another labelled leather to achieve a beautiful blending.
  • Coast Cover Slide

    We have put together basket leather, semi-tough leather-lining, maco, gold chain accessory, leather-board, highly resistive adhesive, and tough sole material , to achieve this uncommon leather work.
  • Female Hermes Slide

    We have conducted a long market research and after of our findings, we decided to double the quality of our production in terms of leathers, sole material and heel. This welted slide was made from skin leather, maco and leather board. We also took our time to select the best adhesive such that it can last longer than similar products in the market.
  • Brown Cross Slide

    This slide is purposely designed for males because its in-sole pattern fits men more. We have carefully picked this plain brown leather because it has the best quality among all leathers in the rank of same colour. We have also used the best of a long lasting sole material as well as heel.
  • Male Birkenstock Slide

    Birkenstock soles are known for regular suede upper material like it suffices herein. The success of this magnitude is achieved using quality adhesives, welt and a long-lasting maco sole to achieve the required balancing.
  • Basket Leather Stripes

    Quality fibre lining is carefully made for both genders. Matches with many modes of dressing.
  • Simple Stripe Slippers

    Quality stripe slippers carefully handmade for ladies. Comfort and durability are the core of our intention during design stage.
  • Suether Cover Slippers

    A simplistic and stylish combination of suede and leather slippers carefully handmade for ladies. You certainly will love the stylish chic despite simple.
  • Skin Cover Slide

    From the best of dazzling leather, doubled with a quality lining to achieve firmness; this slide is made to resist easy opening after a short while.
  • Adult Male Slide

    From the best of dazzling leather, doubled with a quality lining to achieve firmness; this slide is made to resist easy opening after a short while.